3 Ways to Relax Today

Sure, our ancestors may have had ten kids and grew the wheat to make their own bread, but they didn’t have carpool lanes, work/life balance, constant reachability through text/social media/email and any of the other million demands and tugs of modern life.

All of our longevity through modern medicine and conveniences of technology have come at a price: measurable through stress.

We’re not going to list for you all of the ways that stress may impact your life (and health), or even where that stress might be coming from…

...But we will give you three proven ways to include a little peace and relaxation in your day--today!

You could even do these things every day, if you wanted to add a little R&R to everyday life.

First, Find Some Quiet

Even if you work three jobs and have six kids, everyone needs a little quiet. Even just two minutes of intentional quiet with concentrated breathing can have positive health benefits.

That’s because our modern world is super noisy, and it may be affecting your health. It’s called noise pollution, and it can be just as harmful as other types of pollution.

Part of the problem is that some of the things that we do to “relax” actually perpetuate the craziness--scrolling through a social media feed or watching television or the news as your method of relaxation can do more harm than good.

Research is finding that using social media for extended periods of time may be linked to depression.

Watching television, like binge watching tv or watching tv right before bed, may be ruining sleep.

So instead of picking up where your latest binge left off, or posting and liking, choose a quiet time activity that will improve relaxation and health.

Second, Try a Craft

So if you have anywhere from a couple of minutes to the length of an episode of The Good Place in which to do something intentionally relaxing, what could that be?

Choose your craft.

It doesn’t actually matter which of these you do, so just pick the one that you would find the easiest to fit in your time frame and skillset:

● Crochet or knit,

Draw or color,

● Do a simple paper craft, such as making a homemade card or a quilling project.

Whatever you choose, making something with your hands can have profound relaxation benefits.

Third, Write All about It

Writing is another proven way to relax.

There are a few key ways in which to maximize the impact of writing on your well-being:

Keep a journal - No one has to read it later (even you!), but recording your life’s experiences is a wonderful way to relax.

Do some free writing - Not stressing over things like grammar, content or format, you can just write whatever comes to mind in total stream of consciousness for even just a few minutes and reap major benefits.

Doodle and write - If you have artistic flair, want to try your hand at hand lettering, or just want to doodle while you write, keeping a doodle notebook is another great writing relaxation technique. You don’t even have to write your own words -- try hand lettering some of your favorite inspirational quotes and you may ease your busy mind.

Just as with your crafting, don’t stress about your writing--this is meant to be a relaxation technique, not drafting the next great American novel!

OfficeGoods Supports Your Inner Artist

From smooth, satiny gel pens to help you joyfully doodle, to our precision pencil sharpener for your detailed grown up coloring, OfficeGoods has the goods to support your inner artist and encourage relaxation, however and wherever you find it.


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